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You Unlimited recognises that individuals or companies can achieve both business and personal goals with desire and motivation to achieve their fullest potential. At You Unlimited we help you to draw out your best by guiding you in the creation of a coaching and learning culture that delivers tangible value.

*BEE You Workshop*
Believe it is possible, Envision your dreams, Enlightenment follows
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*Team Building & Team Re-building *
Unleash your team's true potential
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Leadership Coaching  
Performance Coaching [Maintaining high performance or working with poor performance individuals]
Business Coaching  
Soft Skills Coaching [Behavioral, Communication, Building relationships, Sales, Time Capital, etc]
Personal / Life Coaching  

Courses - Success Factory (SETA accredited with Services Seta)

Coaches Training [5 days]
Leadership Management [2 days]
Effective Communication in the Workplace [1 day]
Professionalism in the Workplace [1 day]

Team re-building and team building

Facilitates team transformation, strategy, creativity and fun while improving team communication and building relationships.


Fundamentals of Internet Technology

This workshop is aimed at persons working with internet access products to provide a basic overview of the terminology and concepts used by the ISP industry. The concepts described in this workshop form the basis for most internet access protocols you will need to know when working with ISP products.


Soft Skills

Time Capital [Mastering your time and priorities]
Sales skills [Coming soon]
Goal setting  
Everyday Creativity [Problem solving & lateral thinking]
Resolving conflict  

Human Resource Development Services

Skills Assessments  
Training plans  
Career path plans  
Sourcing SETA accredited providers & quotes  
Sourcing SETA accredited Skills Development Facilitator’s  
Sourcing of other HR related requirements e.g. Recruitment, Labour Law assistance, Psychometric evaluations, Consultants  


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